Social media is undoubtedly one of the significant areas of Digital marketing. While searching for your business, there are chances that visitors may go to your Social Media page and check out the insights. For an eCommerce as well as a blogging website, Social Media is crucial. Small, Medium, or Large, it benefits every size of business.

Social Media Marketing can help you gain new clients, build your brand, make an online presence, Showcase your work, Create a community, Attract new employees, Build an email list, and Sell through the page.

Social Media statistics say it themselves that you need it:

  1. 14 Billion monthly active profiles across all platforms with a 17% increase per year
  2. 3 new profiles are created every second.
  3. 300 million photos,750 million posts, and 125 million videos are uploaded every day.
  4. More than 2.6 Billion users are operating Social Media on the mobile
  5. The average time spent a person on Social Media is 7 minutes every hour.
  6. Facebook Marketplace had a transaction of around $6 billion, and Instagram Shopping had transactions worth $8.3 Billion.
Global Social Media Platform Ranking April 2021
Global Social Media Platform Ranking April 2021

Your Social Media business page is a free marketing tool for businesses to share Links, Images, and Posts on a customizable page. Develop your brand identity as necessary, and social media is one of the best spaces. Our Social Media marketing team will be creating contests to increase brand awareness. It includes every activity that is done to boost sales.

Benefits of Social Media marketing:

  1. Your audience is already available for you.
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Complete access for each activity happening on the page.
  4. The audience can be chosen by you.
  5. Target your potential audience
  6. Maximum reach with minimum Investment
  7. Content can be optimized in future.
  8. Entire progress can be measured.
  9. Real-time tracking
  10. Spend money on the targeted audience only.
Social Media Marketing Benefits
Social Media Marketing Benefits

We can help to build and grow your business online. If you choose promotions and advertising, you can start earning revenue from the first week itself. We can make an online market for your product and find potential customers/clients. Sharing videos, photos, testimonials, tutorials, product detail, etc., regularly can increase your brand awareness. Selecting a powerful CTA (Call to Action) button is what makes us stand out in the community. Not only selecting but adjusting it to a position that increases sales.

Best Social Media Platform for Advertising

Social Media Users Statistics
Social Media Users Statistics

The best platform best for marketing/advertising depends on the product, geographical location, targeted Customer, and many other factors. Some of the powerful platforms suitable for different types of product and services are as follows:

Social Media PlatformServices/Products
FacebookClothes, Kitchen, Household Products, Restaurants, Appliances, B2C Services, etc.
InstagramFashion Accessories, Clothes, Food, Hotels, Tour And Travels, Shoes, Makeup Items, Celebrity PR, etc.
TwitterFood portals, Lodging, Political PR, Coupons, Celebrity PR, Apps Subscriptions, etc.
LinkedInB2B Services, B2C Professional Services, Software’s, Courses, Subscriptions, etc.

Why choose Social Media Marketing over other forms of marketing? Social Media Marketing vs. SEO vs. Traditional Marketing

CriteriaSocial media MarketingSearch Engine OptimizationTraditional marketing
Best forFeasible for small businesses and service providers. Crucial for large businesses with the B2C revenue modelExtremely important for B2B Service Providers and Larger CompaniesUseful for local vendors and service Providers
Economic FeasibilityCost-efficient marketing methodsLong-term Perspective. Require Investment Throughout the periodProven techniques with a higher success rate
Measuring the growthCan measure real-time audiencePotential Customer reaches to youLong term initiatives
Targeting Potential CustomerCan target a specific audience, potential Customer, consumer behavior, and easy retargetingAlways Potential Customer targetedCan’t target Specific Audience, consumer behavior, community, or retargeting
Interface MediumProfile and pages act as a distribution channelThe website works as a distribution channelPhysical storefronts
Conversion tacticsAutomated and Easily presentable products and servicesYour website reaches every Customer and clientPhysical interaction is required
Investment requiredCost-effective and easily accessible for everyoneLong term investment and access to entire Internet ConsumersCostlier form and required professionals to make tv, radio, and newspaper ads
Return on InvestmentHigh returns ROIExtremely high returns if successfulNo guarantee for ROI
Time taken for returnsAdvertisements could bring results from the same week itselfTakes at least 6 months for a satisfying outcome.Requires Minimum 1-2 months for returns
Initial Perquisite to startConstant accessibility with entry and exit barriers for the companies. Requires Low CapitalInitially, website development, content writing, and graphic designing is importantPhysical storefronts require higher capital
Geographical LimitsNo geographical BarriersAssessable from entire world’s internet networkLimited by geographical Constraints

Our Social Media Marketing packages include:

  1. Page creation and setup
  2. Social Media graphic designing services for the cover.
  3. Dedicated Social Media consultant
  4. Monthly tracking report
  5. Content creation
  6. Fast responses for better customer interactions
  7. Paid promotion.
  8. Regular postings
  9. Inviting the audiences to like the page.
  10. Responsive to the comments and queries

General Comparison of Investment on Social Media Marketing over other Expenses:

These are some expenses compared to expenses on Social media Marketing. Social media Marketing could start from as low as $100 monthly. While rent even for a tiny shop could cost you around $800 a month. An average American spends about $150 on junk food and $125 on gas every month.

Comparison of Investment on Social Media Marketing over other Expenses
Comparison of Investment on Social Media Marketing over other Expenses

What is Social Media remarketing, and how can it grow your business?

It is the act of running ads towards the targeted past visitors to your site. This is necessary to remarket the essential website visitors where you can create a custom audience for that. Our team follows these 5 remarketing audiences, i.e., Customer file, Website traffic, App activity, Offline activity like store visits, and Engagement on Social sites.