Indian economy is going through dark phases. Many businesses have shut down since last year when the pandemic hit hard. However, while most of the industry saw a steep decline in revenue, some companies could capitalize.

A study showed that 17% of businesses in India showed significant growth during the lockdown. Not only this, 9% of companies were not healthcare or essential services. These were generic services providers and online sellers. All these companies had three things in common:

  • Online Sales/ Delivery Channel
  • Aggressive Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Workspace Solutions

Companies that made it large despite all the odds


This company didn’t just show significant growth but helped millions of students to make their time productive and learn something new. Unacademy became the largest eLearning platform in India during this lockdown, as did everything needed to grow.

There are more than one dozen eLearning platforms, but Unacademy was the one that stood out because of their daring digital marketing approach. Form traditional social media marketing and google ads to out-of-box advertising on web series and IPL. Unacademy left no stones unturned to reach the hearts of youth.

Besides an outstanding digital marketing strategy, they had workplace solutions. Teachers could teach from anywhere, and the student could study from anywhere. So Unacademy became more than just an e-learning platform; it became an ecosystem.


While everything in India came to a halt during this pandemic, “Pooja’ didn’t. While people were having trouble finding Pooja Samagri, a duo from Patna launched this portal just at the right moment. With splendid digital marketing, this portal became one of the few startups growing through the lockdown.


Almost everyone who uses the internet knows about Urban Clap. They provide at-home service, whether it be a painter, beautician, or hairdresser. The company has been providing services since 2014, but it came to its golden period in 2020. The need for people combined with daring online marketing made it huge.

Grow Your Business Post Lockdown

Find Alternative to Your Existing Sales and Delivery Channel:

No matter what you are selling goods or services, it would be best to have multiple sales channels. Conventional brick and mortar are irreplaceable, but you can’t entirely depend on it. Here are a few ideas for developing alternative sales portals

  • Website
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Facebook marketplace/ page
  • LinkedIn
  • Listing on eCommerce websites

Up-to-the Minute Communication and Home Service

Gone are the days when clients/ customers will visit you because of your low prices. Indian buyer behavior has shifted from a standard pricing model to the best service model. If the customer cannot communicate with you quickly, they will not choose you over others.

Also, customers won’t approach you to close your customers and give them all you need.

Here are a few things you can do for up to minute communication:

  1. Set up your business page on every social media. Also, try to give a quick response to customer query needs. The autoreply is one of the best functions on social media these days.
  2. Keep a hotline for easy on-call service.
  3. Try to install a live chat feature on your website.
  4. Try hiring a fast courier service

Invest in Long Term Marketing Strategy

How many of you have invested in SEO or organic marketing? Being Indians, we are fond of quick results, whatever the cost may be. But time has shifted unless you plan to spend a chunk of your revenue on advertising, you need to invest steadily in marketing strategy.

Try Short Term Aggressive Pricing

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed customer behavior—Indians aren’t spending on anything unless necessary or cheap. So, business experts have suggested the companies go with aggressive pricing models.

  1. Either give customers a one-time heavy discount on upfront payment or options to avail deferred payment services.
  2. B2B business should provide pay later options to their clients.

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